Is SAM registration worth it?

If you’re struggling to win contracts or just starting a business-to-government firm, SAM registration is a critical early step in the process. It is a one-stop-shop to connect you to plenty of government business opportunities, as well as allowing federal entities to search for your services specifically.   Check out our services page below!

What is a Cage Code?

A Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, as well as to government agencies themselves and also various organizations. CAGE codes provide a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location. The CAGE system includes CAGE Workbench, CAGE XML, CAGE Web…

What is SAM Registration used for?

The System for Award Management (SAM) is a government-wide registry for vendors doing business with the Federal government, and SAM registration requires annual renewal. SAM centralizes information about grant recipients and also provides a central location for grant recipients to change organizational information.   Check out our services page below!