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Benefits Of A Multi-Year Sam Registration

After servicing the industry for almost 10 years, USBRI has figured out the primary issues for new and existing government vendors. Having a Multi-Year SAM Registration in place with an established credible long-term organization can make all the difference in the world. Some of the major problems addressed by having a Multi-Year SAM Registration are:

  • Regulations & Procedures change almost daily in the Federal Procurement & Federal Financial Aid areas (including Set-Aside Certifications). Each year the process gets a bit more complicated with additional required information and/or documents.
  • It is becoming even more imperative that ALL filings are filed with exactly the same updated information & updated codes (product & service codes change every few years as well). Having the same updated information across all platforms are how 70% of Federal Contracts below $150,000 are directly awarded to Certified Small Businesses without ever making to public bid.
  • Companies & Organizations with a SAM Registration are repeatedly called & emailed by multiple unethical and fraudulent people and sometimes organizations. AND they are very creative and quite successful. USBRI is the only organization in the industry where the phone will NOT be answered by a commissioned sales person, but a CRS (Certified Registration Specialist) who will ensure your needs are met and all services/updates/changes are completed as quickly as possible.
  • Jobs/Grants even Contract Consideration is all lost due to inactive SAM Registrations or registrations with errors, omissions or a lack of having their Small Business Certification
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The cost of our service depends on how valuable your Contracts & Grants are to your organization.

We guarantee to keep your organization’s SAM Registration compliant with updates every year or as needed. Therefore you can have the peace of mind knowing:

An award or payment will not be missed or delayed due to the status of your SAM Registration You can disregard ALL THE SPAM emails you receive from private companies trying to sell you something you don’t need or will not receive a ROI

Throughout the term of your SAM Registration, we offer Unlimited Support from a dedicated CRS on all things Government Procurement Save a tremendous amount of time as you will only need to deal with one organization for assistance as opposed to 4-7 different agencies and organizations, while also trying to update ALL platforms based on newly established regulations that are consistently ongoing and will continue in that direction.

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