It is VERY IMPORTANT to Renew SAM Registration Filings AT LEAST 60 DAYS PRIOR to Expiration or Award Deadlines due to ongoing changes in the registration procedures.

The SAM Registration is ONLY utilized to make & track payments to Approved Entities for contracts, grants & financial assistance. SAM is NOT used by Contracting Officers to locate vendors, it’s strictly a Federal payment tracking system. An organization’s size, industry & certification status determines where & how to be listed in order to be directly found by Contracting Officers (a CRS can assist you in this area as well as others when needed).

Having less than 60 days validity left on a SAM Registration will negatively affect being considered or awarded contracts & grants as well as payments going on hold once your SAM Registration expires if not submitted for renewal early enough.

Complete the Non-Profit SAM Registration form below if: (including government & educational entities)

  • You need to file a SAM Registration (New, Renew or Update)
  • You need to complete the NEW “Reps & Certs” section to remain compliant
  • You are applying for a Federal Grant on
  • You are a local or state government entity & receive Federal Funding
  • You need to obtain a UEI number, CAGE Code &/or SAM Registration
  • 12 months Unlimited CRS Support (Certified Registration Specialist)
  • A CRS will assist in maintaining compliance, updates & necessary changes
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