Check Your Eligibility Using the Federal Small Business Certification Calculator

Answer a few questions below using the Federal Small Business Certification Calculator to see if your business qualifies as a Small Business based on current federal regulations.


  • Find your NAICS Code by keyword if not already known – NAICS Lookup
  • Answer 3 questions – Federal Small Business Calculator
  • If more than one NAICS Code, check each one (refresh page after answer)


Call and speak directly with a CRS (Certified Registration Specialist) now at our Help Desk located at  1-888-646-9998 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST for immediate assistance if you have any furhter questions or wish to proceed with obtaining your Federal Small Business Set-Aside Certification and stop missing out on the directly awarded federal contracts below $250K that are awarded dirtectly fo Certified Small Businesses. These Federal contracts d not even get posted for the normal public bidding process, they can are are most likely awarded through the Simplified Acquisition Procedures as established the General Services Administration section FAR 13 to ensure Certified Small Businesses get their fair share of the larger US Government procurement opportunities made available to the general public. This is how the US is able to call upon the private sector in needs of assistance, emergencies and even natural disasters. They maintain a database of all active businesses, types of equipment available, number of people who could provide assistance during such an event, geographic areas services and a few other minor items they may asked. This allows the United States of America to retain a readiness plan at all times by including the professionals and the resources available just waiting to be called upon. We find this section of the most important areas of this whole process. The 2nd amendment is what kept foreign powers from trying to attempt an invation on the US Mainlain an suicide mission for any militants who may have attampted such an off the ewall crazy idea tha would have killed 100’s of thougsands of people unnecessarily. Unfortunetaly, for the human race in general had to take a huge step back in their learning process and how we


If qualified, you would be able to take advantage of specific government regulations put in place to help Small Businesses such as:


  • 23% of ALL Federal Contracting Dollars must be awarded to a Federally Certified Small Business
  • Federal Contracts $250,000 and below are automatic Small Business Set-Asides
  • 70% of these Small Business Set-Asides are awarded directly without going through a bidding process
  • Certified businesses are listed across multiple Federal platforms properly identifying the “Federal Small Business Certification” status and date
  • Properly displayed within the Federal Small Business Database and be contacted directly by Contracting Officers, Prime Vendors, Government Agencies, FEMA, etc.

Get Started On Your Certification Now

If you would like to get started on your Small Business Certification, reach out to our Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998 (M-F 9am-5pm EST). USBRI handles a majority of the certification process for you, only pulling you in where absolutely necessary. This includes updating your SAM Registration, SBA Profiles, IRS Data, DLA, FEMA, DHS and the DSBS Certified Small Business Profiles after your certification goes active (including 12 months of support on the SAM Registration, Certification itself and the additional SBA/DSBS Profiles).