Is it hard to get a SAM number?

Completing the SAM registration process can be time-consuming, requiring up to 20 hours of effort. Many individuals become frustrated with the complexity and government jargon involved. Similar to hiring an accountant for tax forms, relying on a SAM expert to handle your registration makes sense. Our experienced team has successfully assisted small businesses, mid-size companies,…

How often is Sam exclusion list updated?

The List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (OIG-LEIE) is a monthly updated compilation of exclusion actions carried out by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). This comprehensive list includes both mandatory and permissive exclusions. Stay informed about the OIG-LEIE and its significance in maintaining compliance and integrity.   Check out our services page below!

Is GSA and SAM the same?

Effective Monday, April 4, 2022, and other GSA systems will transition to the new Unique Entity ID (SAM) as the primary government entity identifier, replacing the use of DUNS numbers. This change streamlines the entity identification process and eliminates the need for third-party involvement. GSA’s commitment to modernizing systems aligns with government-wide technology initiatives.…

What is a 12 digit UEI number?

The Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) is a newly introduced 12-digit alphanumeric identifier issued to all entities registering with for federal government business, including existing entities. Learn about this essential identifier and its role in facilitating business transactions with the federal government.   Check out our services page below!

Who needs a Sam?

In order to bid on federal contracts, receive payments, or access federal funds, all entities must undergo a SAM registration. This requirement applies to a diverse range of organizations, including for-profit businesses, nonprofits, government contractors, government subcontractors, state governments, and local municipalities. Ensure compliance and unlock opportunities in the federal sector by completing your SAM…