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Boost Your Federal Contracting Success with a Capabilities Statement

Securing federal government contracts is a competitive endeavor, and a well-crafted capabilities statement is crucial to standing out. At USBRI, we specialize in helping businesses create impactful capabilities statements, enhancing their chances of winning contracts.

What is a Capabilities Statement?

A capabilities statement is a concise document that highlights your company’s core competencies, past performance, and key differentiators. It serves as a quick reference for contracting officers, providing an overview of your business’s qualifications and expertise.

Why You Need a Capabilities Statement

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Federal agencies often require a capabilities statement. Having one ready ensures your business is visible and accessible to contracting officers.
  2. Competitive Edge: A well-organized capabilities statement helps differentiate your business from competitors by clearly outlining your unique strengths and successes.
  3. Professionalism: A polished capabilities statement reflects your business’s professionalism and readiness to handle federal contracts.

Key Components

  • Company Overview: Brief introduction to your business.
  • Core Competencies: Main services or products you offer.
  • Past Performance: Examples of successful projects or contracts.
  • Differentiators: Unique aspects that set you apart from competitors.
  • Corporate Data: Essential business information and contact details.


How Can USBRI Help

A capabilities statement is an essential tool for businesses seeking federal contracts. It showcases your qualifications, builds credibility, and sets you apart from the competition. Let USBRI help you create a powerful capabilities statement that drives success in federal contracting. USBRI offers expert services to craft professional capabilities statements tailored to your target audience. Our team ensures your statement is both compelling and compliant with federal requirements.

Contact the USBRI Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998 for more information.

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