How do you qualify for

In order to activate your registration you will need your entity’s UEI, CAGE code, and up-to-date business information. Check your registration status by clicking the “Check SAM Status” button below! You can also contact our help desk Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm EST at 888-646-9998. Check your entity’s SAM Registration status!

Is a legitimate website? is an official United States government website with the purpose of registering business’s (entity’s) that are interested in doing business and bidding on grants with the federal government. Additionally, any domain ending in “.gov” can be trusted as they are official government websites. Check your entity’s SAM Registration status!

How long does entity validation take?

After submitting a registration, it goes through two  validation processes. The first one is the IRS/TIN matching validation process and the second one is the  DLA/CAGE validation process. The validation process duration depends on if SAM or DLA/CAGE needs additional documentation to validate the entity. If you are interested in learning more about us, browse our…