1. Determine Eligibility: Ensure that your business meets the eligibility criteria for the WOSB program. The business must be at least 51% owned and controlled by women who are U.S. citizens. Read more about the qualifications and eligibility by visiting the USBRI Woman-Owned Small Business Certification & Eligibility page.
  2. Verify Business Size Standards: Confirm that your business meets the size standards set by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for your specific industry. Use the Small Business Calculator Tool to determine your business’s qualification as a Small Business.
  3. Create an Account on SAM.gov: The System for Award Management (SAM) is the official U.S. government system for federal contracting. Create an account on SAM.gov if you don’t have one already. You must have an active SAM Registration in order to qualify for any Small Business or Set-Aside Certification. USBRI has been offering filing assistance for both SAM and Small Business Certifications for over 11 years. If you would like to learn more or have any additional questions, reach out to the USBRI Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998.
  4. Complete the WOSB Certification: Navigate the WOSH Certification process either on your own or through a filing assistance service. Going through a filing assistance service like USBRI will guarantee that your certification is done right and with ease. Keeping track of documents and what is needed to make sure you and your business are getting the contracts you need.
  5. Wait for Review: After submitting your application, it will undergo a review process. The SBA will verify the information provided and determine if your business qualifies for the WOSB certification.
  6. Maintain Accuracy: Keeping your SAM Registration and SBA/DSBS Profile up-to-date is crucial in continuing eligibility for any Small Business or Set-Aside Certification.

If you think you meet the qualifications for a Woman-Owned Small Business Certification, browse the page and do the questionnaire by clicking the button below

Need to Register or Renew Your SAM Registration?

An additional eligibility requirement for the WOSB Certification is to have an active SAM Registration. If you are unsure of your status or if you have one, reach out to the USBRI Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998 and a Certified Registration Specialist would ne happy to assist you. Browse the USBRI Services page by clicking the button below.