To get more backup codes for your SAM user account, once you use your last backup code, SAM will generate ten more and ask you to print and store in a safe place. If your login attempts are not working, contact the SAM/FSD Help Desk at 1-866-606-8220. If you need to check the status of your SAM registration immediately, follow the steps below:

    • Navigate to the top of this page and select “Check SAM Status & Details” in red
    • Input your company’s legal business name, CAGE code, or UEI
    • Wait for the page to refresh and load a brief summary of your registration that includes:
      • Expiration date
      • POC’s
      • NAICS Codes
      • and more

You can also access the tool by clicking the button below

Do you qualify as a small business?

A benefit of having your SAM Registration active is the opportunity to obtain a Small Business Certification. To know if your business qualifies, use the calculator tool by clicking below