Are you a business owner or a contractor looking to secure government contracts? If so, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game and ensure your registration doesn’t expire. SAM (System for Award Management) is the primary database used by the U.S. government to manage federal contracts. A valid and up-to-date registration is crucial for any business wanting to participate in government procurement.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of maintaining your registration and provide tips on how to prevent it from expiring. We’ll discuss common reasons for registration expiration, the consequences of an expired registration, and the steps you can take to stay on top of it.

Whether your business has already registered on or you’re considering doing so, this article will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to ensure your registration remains active and valid. By understanding the importance of maintaining your registration and implementing proactive measures, you’ll position yourself for success in the competitive world of government contracting. Stay tuned for valuable insights and expert advice to keep your business thriving!

What is Registration?

The first step in understanding the importance of maintaining your registration is to grasp what it entails., also known as the System for Award Management, is the central portal used by the federal government to track where money is going, to who, and for what regarding contracts and grants.

To participate in government contracting, businesses must register on and provide relevant information about their organization. This includes details such as company name, address, contact information, and business type. Additionally, businesses may need to provide specific certifications or documentation depending on the type of contracts they intend to pursue.

USBRI has been offering filing assistance for over 11 years for SAM Registrations. The process is ever-changing and USBRI is consistently on top of any changes made in SAM. If you have any questions regarding the registration and its process, contact the USBRI Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998. You can also click the button below to get started on the registration process.

Importance of Maintaining Registration

Having an active and up-to-date registration is vital for businesses seeking government contracts. It serves as proof that your business is legitimate, eligible, and compliant with federal regulations. Here are a few key reasons why maintaining your registration is essential:

1. Access to government contracts: Government agencies primarily use to identify and select potential contractors for their projects. Without an active registration, your business won’t be visible to these agencies, and you’ll miss out on valuable contracting opportunities.

2. Marketplace visibility: serves as a marketplace where government agencies and prime contractors can search for potential subcontractors and vendors. By maintaining an active registration, your business becomes visible to these entities, increasing your chances of collaboration and business growth.

3. Eligibility for certifications: When you have an active SAM Registration, you are able to obtain SBA Certifications as long as you meet the SBA Size Standards and maintain an ACTIVE registration in SAM. USBRI offers filing assistance with SAM Registrations and SBA Certifications, filling out your DSBS Profile for you to completion. Use the Small Business Calculator tool to see if your business qualifies as a Small Business.

To ensure your business remains competitive and eligible for government contracts, it’s crucial to prioritize the maintenance of your registration. Use the SAM Status Lookup Tool to see if your registration is set to expire in the net 60 days so you don’t lose out on grants and contract funds.

Consequences of an expired Registration

Allowing your registration to expire can have significant consequences for your business. It not only hinders your ability to bid on federal contracts but can also impact your reputation and opportunities for collaboration. Let’s delve into some of the potential consequences of an expired registration:

1. Ineligibility for government contracts: The primary purpose of is to connect businesses with federal contracting opportunities. If your registration expires, you won’t be able to access or bid on government contracts until you renew it. This can result in missed opportunities and lost revenue for your business.

2. Delayed payments and contract issues: In some cases, an expired registration can lead to payment delays or contract issues. Government agencies are required to verify the validity of a contractor’s registration before awarding contracts or processing payments. If your registration has expired, it can cause delays in receiving payments for completed work or even lead to contract cancellations.

3. Limited network opportunities: Maintaining an active registration allows your business to be visible to government agencies, prime contractors, and potential partners. An expired registration restricts your visibility and limits your network opportunities, making it harder to establish valuable collaborations and grow your business within the government contracting space.

How to Check the Expiration Date of your Registration

To check the expiration date, follow these steps below:

    • At the top of this page, select “Check SAM & UEI Status” in red
    • Select to put in your company’s legal business name, CAGE code, or UEI
    • Solve the security question and after clicking “Check SAM Status NOW”, allow the page to refresh.
    • The page will generate, if you have one, a brief summary of your SAM Registration which will include:
      • Expiration Date
      • NAICS Codes
      • FSC Codes
      • PSC Codes
      • POC’s
      • and more

If you are having issues with the tool, contact the USBRI Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998 and a CRS will be able to assist you.

Steps to Renew your Registration

When it comes to renewing your SAM, you have two options:

    1. Going through the process on your own using online resources (2-3 months of work and completion)
    2. Using a firm such as USBRI who has offered filing assistance for over 11 years (4-6 weeks).
      • USBRI will ensure your registration is done to completion, only pulling you in when absolutely necessary. Ensuring everything is done with ease and efficiency, remaining complainant with SAM and updating you on the process.

Need Further Assistance?

If you are in need of further assistance with the SAM, contact the USBRI Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998

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