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Why You Need a Personal Capabilities Statement

Why You Need a Personal Capabilities Statement

A personal capabilities statement is more than a resume; it’s a strategic document showcasing your strengths, experiences, and unique value. It’s essential for small business owners, contractors, or freelancers to open doors to new opportunities and partnerships.

Showcase Your Expertise and Build Credibility

This statement allows you to present your skills and achievements professionally, making it easier for potential clients or partners to see your value. It builds trust by demonstrating your professionalism and commitment.

Tailor Your Pitch

Unlike a standard resume, a capabilities statement can be tailored to specific opportunities, highlighting the most relevant aspects of your experience and skills.

Enhance Your SBA and DSBS Profiles

Completing your Small Business Administration (SBA) and Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) profiles is vital. These profiles act as your digital storefront, showcasing your capabilities to federal agencies and prime contractors. A strong capabilities statement integrated into these profiles increases your visibility and access to contracts.


How USBRI Can Help

At USBRI, our Certified Registration Specialists (CRS) help you create a compelling capabilities statement and optimize your SBA and DSBS profiles. We provide expert guidance, profile optimization, and ongoing support to keep your documents up-to-date, ensuring you remain competitive in the federal marketplace.

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