The reason a business would have multiple NAICS codes would be because that is the amount that was entered when doing the SAM Registration. You may provide multiple services where you need multiple NAICS codes for. A business is required, when registering in SAM, to have one primary NAICS code. After that, you are able to add as many as you would like. 3-5 is typically the standard amount you want to have.

If you are unsure of your business’s NAICS Codes, follow the steps below:

    • At the top of this page, select “Check SAM & UEI Status”
    • Input your company’s legal business name, CAGE Code, or UEI
    • Solve the security question and select “Check SAM Status NOW”
    • Allow the page to generate a brief summary of the SAM Registration which will include

You an also access the tool by clicking the button below


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