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Why are NAICS codes necessary with SAM?

NAICS codes are necessary when registering in SAM so grant and contracting officers can know what type of service you provide. NAICS codes consist of 6 digits and are assigned by the If you are unsure what the NAICS codes associated with your SAM Registration are, use the SAM Status Lookup Tool to find out.

If you need to find the NAICS code for a specific service, use the NAICS Code Lookup Tool by clicking the button below


Need to Register or Renew a SAM Registration?

If your registration is missing or expiring soon, begin the process with a CRS today. Complications can arise at anytime through the registration process. Having a specialist go through this with you will ensure that there are little to no complications for you. If you are ready, reach out to the help desk for more information or click the button below