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Who qualifies as SBA?

Who qualifies for a SBA Small Business or Set-Aside Certification?

Companies and individual that qualify for SBA Certifications must meet the SBA Small Business Size Standards. To find out if you company meets the requirements, use the Small Business Calculator Tool here and determine your eligibility.

Why is SBA Certification necessary?

Having a Small Business Certification or Set-Aside Certification is not necessary if you are NOT looking to grow your business ventures. A Small Business Certification will ensure you are up against a much smaller pool of competition when it comes to bidding on federal contracts. If you are looking to expand your business and guarantee more federal contracting opportunities, USBRI highly recommends you obtain a Small Business Certification.

What is required?

While meeting the SBA’s Small Business Size Standards is important, having a SAM Registration is vital to having that Small Business Certification.

If you are unsure if you have a SAM Registration, use the SAM Status Lookup Tool by clicking below


Need to Register or Renew?

If your SAM Registration is set for renewal or you do not have one, begin the process with a Certified Registration Specialist today. Having a professional assist you with the registration will guarantee compliance and accuracy when registering in SAM and keeping on top of any changes that need to be made. Begin now by clicking the button below.

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