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What is the SAM Profile Grade?

Receiving an email with the subject of a SAM “profile grade” is a marketing campaign from a company soliciting their services. If you received an email stating about your System for Award Management (“SAM”) profile grade, follow these suggested steps:

    • Read the fine print at the bottom of the email before anything else
    • Be cautious clicking on links or downloading any attachments
    • Check the email address of the sender. Any email from the Federal Government ends with a “.gov” or “.mil, if not, then it is most likely a creative marketing email from a private organization offering services
    • Be highly cautious taking any immediate actions from incoming calls or emails regarding any of these topics
    • If you are unsure, feel free to reach out to USBRI for advice or assistance

A number of these particular emails seem to speak of a an entity’s SAM “profile grade” in order to get a response from the email receiver. Your “SAM profile does NOT have a grade”

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