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What is the HUBZone Help Desk number?

The federal government’s HUBZone Help Desk is only available on Tuesday & Thursdays from 2pm-3pm EST. This is the only phone number provided for HUBZone Certification assistance by the government. It is not a normal help desk if you will. The phone number is 1-208-391-5817 and they provide an ID to login to the call itself. It is more of 1 hour session of people talking.

USBRI offers a filing service for all types of socio-economic set-aside certifications including HUBZone, of course. We take and do as much of the certification filing process for you, only pulling you in where absolutely necessary in order to get your set-aside certification active as quickly as possible.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions on the HUBZone Program Certification itself, feel free to call our help desk at 1-888-646-9998 (M-F 9am-5pm EST).

See the benefits of obtaining a HUBZone Certification and check your eligibility by answering a few questions and checking your address using the HUBZone Map Tool  by clicking below

What is the HUBZone Help Desk number

Do you know your SAM Registration status?

A requirement to having a HUBZone Certification is to have an ACTIVE registration in SAM. Use the tool below to check the status, details and expiration of a SAM Registration.