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What is SAM registration, and why do I need to renew it?

What is a SAM Registration?

The SAM Registration is necessary for any business looking to bid on federal contracts or receive federal grants. Any money that is being sent to a business by the federal government MUST be registered in SAM. As the money tracking database, SAM ensures your business is able to receive funds and bid on federal proposals.

Why Do I Need To Renew?

To maintain any current contracting work with the government, you must renew the registration annually. If you are unsure of your SAM Registration status, use the  SAM Status Lookup Tool.

Where Do I Go From Here?

If your registration is set to expire within the next 60 days (or you do not have one), begin the renewal process NOW. Processing Times are taking longer due to new procedures with SAM and CAGE. Get in touch with a CRS today by calling 1-888-646-9998 and someone will be ready to assist you with any general questions you have.

USBRI has been offering filing assistance for over 12 years, ensuring businesses are compliant and registered in SAM and ready to reap the benefits of federal contracting.


Begin the Renewal Process TODAY

Call the USBRI Help Desk to get in touch with a CRS and renew or register in SAM. You can also get started today by clicking the button below. Once payment is received, you will be assigned directly to a CRS who will then facilitate the process for you.