The funding gap remains a significant challenge for women in business, with only 2.2 percent of venture capital going to women-founded businesses. Additionally, all-male founded companies receive funding approximately 35 percent of the time, while the number drops to less than 2 percent for women. This lack of financial support makes it difficult for female entrepreneurs to scale their companies, resulting in a lower percentage of women-owned businesses surpassing $1 million in revenue compared to men.

Accessing support platforms and mentorship is also challenging for female entrepreneurs due to a scarcity of women in influential business positions. Building professional communities becomes a hurdle, preventing women from finding mentors, sponsors, and supporters who could contribute to their success.

Despite the significant contributions of women leaders who generate trillions of dollars annually and lead prominent companies, gender stereotypes persist and undermine the capabilities of female entrepreneurs. Traits associated with entrepreneurship, such as self-esteem, risk-taking, decision-making, and confidence, are often erroneously considered “male only,” disregarding the strong identification of female entrepreneurs with these attributes.

Consequently, the prevailing image of an entrepreneur as a man leads women to underestimate entrepreneurship and leadership as viable options from a young age.


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