An expired SAM (System for Award Management) registration impacts your ability to work with the federal government, leading to:

  • Ineligibility for Federal Contracts: You must have an active SAM registration to bid on or receive federal contracts.
  • Loss of Grant Eligibility: Without an active SAM registration, you cannot apply for or receive federal grants.
  • Payment Disruption: Payments for ongoing federal contracts may be halted if your SAM registration expires.
  • Effect on Federal Assistance: Eligibility for federal assistance programs could be compromised.
  • Inactive CAGE Code: An expired SAM registration may render your CAGE Code inactive, affecting contracts and grants.
  • Administrative Delays: Reactivating an expired registration can cause delays, affecting deadlines and federal opportunity eligibility.
  • Partnership and Supply Chain Issues: An expired registration may affect relationships with prime contractors and the supply chain.

Renew your SAM registration annually, before expiration, to avoid these issues. The process is online via, and early renewal is recommended to prevent lapses.

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