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What are the potential consequences of not having SAM Registration?

Potential Consequences of Not Having a SAM

Not having SAM registration can severely impact your business’s ability to bid on federal contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements, leading to missed revenue opportunities. Without  the registration, you also risk reduced visibility to federal agencies and prime contractors, which can result in missed subcontracting opportunities and a competitive disadvantage. Additionally, engaging in federal contracting without proper registration can lead to non-compliance penalties and delayed payments, affecting your cash flow.

SAM registration is crucial for maintaining your business’s credibility and reputation, as it signifies compliance with federal standards. It also ensures access to vital funding through federal grants and financial assistance programs. USBRI provides comprehensive services to complete and maintain your SAM registration accurately, positioning your business for success in the federal marketplace.

If you are unsure if you have a SAM Registration or when yours is set to expire, use the SAM Status Lookup Tool by clicking the button below


Renew or Register in SAM

If you need to register or renew in SAM, a dedicated CRS will be able to facilitate the entire process for you and only pulling you in where absolutely necessary. If you are ready to begin with a professional, select the button below and a CRS will be in contact with you within 24 business hours.

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