Some of the HUBZone eligibility requirements include:

    • Your business concern’s principle office must be located in a qualified SBA designated HUBZone.
    • You business concern must be at least 51% unconditionally and directly owned and controlled by persons who are U.S. citizens
    • 35% of your business concern’s employees must reside in a SBA designed HUBZone
    • You business concern must be classified as a small business as defined by the SBA
    • Certify that when performing a HUBZone contract, at least 35% of your employees continue to reside in a SBA designated HUBZone. If your Concern  is owned by an Indian Tribal Government, 35% of your employees engaged in performing that contract must reside within a SBA designated HUBZone. You must “attempt” to maintain the 35% requirement throughout the life of the contract.

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Need to register in SAM?

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