Many organizations ask the question, “What is SAM registration used for?” After all, this SAM registration guide will only have value for you if you know what the value of registration is.

The reason companies use SAM are threefold:

1. SAM gives you access to federal business opportunities.

It is the main database with which vendors are able to have a business relationship with the federal government. All of the following awards require SAM registration, per the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR):

  • Basic agreements
  • Basic ordering agreements
  • Blanket purchase agreements
  • Contracts

2. SAM enables you to self-certify.

By “self-certifying” and completing solicitation clauses related to your organization’s socio-economic characteristics and size, you certify that your business information is accurate.

3. SAM is a marketing platform.

As indicated by the SBA, the capabilities of a business, its location, its track record, its size, and its ownership are all searchable within SAM. That means both other government contractors and federal agencies can learn about your business.

Especially, for this reason, registering and partnering with a government contract consulting firm can be powerful. At Select GCR, for instance, we assign each client a Government Procurement Advisor, who helps them navigate the federal contracting maze and define a targeted government marketing plan: who to contact, what to say, and what to send them.


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