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What are the benefits of being HUBZone certified?

By becoming a part of the HUBZone program, your business gains the opportunity to compete for set-aside contracts exclusively reserved for HUBZone-certified businesses. This opens doors to a broader range of federal contracting opportunities within historically underutilized business zones (HUBZones).

In addition to increased access to contracting opportunities, HUBZone-certified businesses receive a significant advantage in full and open contract competitions. They are granted a 10% price evaluation preference, which enhances their competitiveness and increases the likelihood of securing contracts. This preference can make a substantial difference when vying for contracts against non-HUBZone businesses.

The 10% price evaluation preference serves as a powerful incentive for federal agencies to award contracts to HUBZone-certified businesses. It reflects the government’s commitment to supporting economic growth and development in these historically underutilized areas. This preference not only helps HUBZone businesses thrive but also contributes to the overall socio-economic progress of the communities they operate in.

By leveraging the benefits of HUBZone certification, your business gains a strategic advantage in the federal contracting arena. It increases your chances of winning contracts, boosting your revenue and fostering sustainable growth. Moreover, participation in the program demonstrates your commitment to empowering disadvantaged communities and promoting economic opportunity.

It is important to note that HUBZone certification requires meeting specific eligibility criteria and maintaining compliance with program requirements. However, the rewards can be substantial, offering a pathway to expanded business opportunities and a competitive edge in the federal marketplace.


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