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Small Business Set-Aside Certification Eligibility Submitted

Thank you for completing the Eligibility Questionnaire for the Federal Small Business Set-Aside Certifications programs. A CRS (Certified Registration Specialist) will review your questionnaire and contact you with your eligibility along with answer any additional questions you may have.It is highly advised to at least complete and/or update your Federal Small Business Certification and online profiles at the same time your SAM Registration is submitted. This ensures that your organization’s data is up-to-date, matches across platforms, and is fully visible to Contracting Officers and Prime Vendors searching for Registered and Certified Small Businesses. Both groups must award or sub-contract 23% of the Federal Contracting Dollars to Registered and Certified Small Businesses. These same techniques, when properly prepared, are how 70% of the Federal Government Contracts below $150,000 are awarded directly to Certified Small Businesses and bypasses the traditional bidding process.

If you are ready to begin the Certification process now or have a few questions, click the appropriate action below: