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Personal vs. Government Capabilities Statements

Quick Guide: Personal vs. Government Capabilities Statements

Personal Capabilities Statement: This document highlights an individual’s skills, experience, and qualifications. It’s used to showcase professional expertise and suitability for specific roles or projects.

Government Capabilities Statement: This comprehensive document is tailored for government contracting. It showcases a company’s strengths, capabilities, and past performance to potential government clients.

Importance of SBA and DSBS Profiles: Completing the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) profiles is crucial for businesses seeking government contracts. These profiles increase visibility, enhance credibility, and open doors to lucrative opportunities.


How USBRI Can Help

USBRI and our team of Certified Registration Specialists (CRS) provides professional assistance. A CRS will be specifically assigned to your business to help optimize your SBA and DSBS profiles, prepare compelling capabilities statements, and offer strategic guidance to navigate the federal marketplace successfully.

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