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Is a deactivation notice legit?

If you received any type of email regarding your SAM Registration, DSBS, SBA Profile, SAM Account or anything similar; follow these suggested steps:
  • Read the fine print at the bottom of the email before anything else
  • Be cautious clicking on links or downloading any attachments
  • Check the email address of the sender. Any email from the Federal Government ends with a “.gov” or “.mil, if not, then it is most likely a creative marketing email from a private organization offering services
  • Be highly cautious taking any immediate actions from incoming calls or emails regarding any of these topics
  • If you are unsure, feel free to reach out to USBRI for advice or assistance
A number of these particular emails seem to speak of a for-profit entity’s SBA Profile, DSBS Profile or some other possible creative measure in order to get a response from the email receiver. Either way, when a SAM Registration is created and goes active, the basic profile of that entity is pulled over from the active SAM Registration to establish these basic profiles within the SBA’s system (Small Business Administration). These SBA profiles NEVER DEACTIVATE. They can go ‘Inactive’ after an entity’s SAM Registration has been expired for 180 days. Then the system may purge dead records after 5 years.
These SBA Profiles only apply to For-Profit Entities that appear to have qualified for the Federal Small Business Certification per current Federal Regulations. If you are concerned about your Small Business Certification or Profiles, feel free to reach out and we can 
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