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Is 8a certification worth it?

When it comes to government contracts, the potential profitability can vary depending on the type of set-aside program. While some small business set-aside contracts may involve relatively small dollar amounts, such as $20,000 or less, 8(a) contracts present a different opportunity and hold the potential for greater profitability. Under the 8(a) Business Development Program, small businesses that offer products or services have the chance to earn contracts of up to $4 million, providing a significant growth opportunity. Furthermore, for manufacturing firms, the potential contract value extends even higher, reaching up to $6.5 million. These higher contract thresholds in the 8(a) program open doors for small businesses to pursue larger and more lucrative opportunities, allowing them to expand their operations and increase their revenue potential. Therefore, for eligible businesses, pursuing 8(a) certification can offer the prospect of securing more profitable contracts in comparison to other small business set-aside programs.


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