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How to check the status of my entity registration?

  1. Login to (Registration Status is not available without login).
  2. From your workspace, select Home from the menu, then select “Check Registration Status” on the homepage. The same “Check Registration Status” is also located on the Entity Registration landing page.
  3. From the check entity registration status you can enter a public entity’s Unique Entity Identifier, CAGE code, or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Identifier.
  4. The status provides a quick summary for an entity, displaying the progress of that entity’s most recent record. It will also display what steps remain until it is completed. The steps required are determined based on the purpose of registration.
  5. To get the full entity details with reps and certs or any exclusions or to see non-public entitles, you will need to use main search.

For a quick and easy way to check your entities status, click below!


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