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How To Apply For A HUBZone Certifcation?

To apply for a HUBZone Certification, you must have the following completed:

  1. Register in the System for Award Management (SAM):
    • Must have an ACTIVE registration in
  2. Complete the HUBZone Certification Application:
    • Submit the HUBZone Certification Application.
  3. Provide Documentation:
    • Submit various documents, including proof of HUBZone residency, citizenship documentation, and financial information.
  4. Wait for Processing:
    • The SBA will review your application, and the process can take several weeks.
  5. Maintain Eligibility:
    • Once certified, it’s essential to continue meeting the eligibility criteria to maintain your HUBZone certification.

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Need to Register or Renew a SAM Registration?

An additional qualification to having a HUBZone Certification is an active SAM Registration. If you need to register or renew, reach out to the USBRI Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998 and one of our Certified Registration Specialists would be happy to assist you. Browse the USBRI Services page by clicking the button below.