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How do I update my Entity Registration in

  1. Review, and if needed, update the following information.
    • Update the Core Data section
    • Update the Assertions section
      • Not required if registering for Federal Assistance opportunities only,
    • Update the Representations and Certifications section.
  2. Update the Points of Contact (POC) section, including optional POCs.
    • You may remove optional POCs if they are no longer relevant.
  3. If you qualify as a small business, update your information in the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) or apply for a small business certification via the SBA Supplemental page.
  4. Select “Submit”
  5. Review then confirm your submission, will send an email when your registration is submitted and again when the update is processed.

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Check out our services page below!

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