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How do I register my business to be eligible for federal contracts?

In order to obtain and bid on federal contracts, you must be registered in SAM. The registration is a crucial part of being able to obtain federal contracts and grants as SAM tracks where spending is going, to who, and for what.

If you are unsure if your company is registered in SAM, use the SAM Status Lookup Tool by clicking the button below


Need to Register or Renew in SAM?

In order to continue federal contracting work, you will need to be registered in SAM and be active. If you checked the status and the registration is missing or inactive, begin the process with a professional NOW. Validation times are taking longer due to new regulations and missing information and/or documentation can slow it down even more. Having a CRS guide you and do the process for you will guarantee completions and compliance. Begin the process now with a CRS today by clicking below