SAM’s notarized letter requirement has undergone a recent change. Previously, all registration and renewal applications necessitated a notarized letter. However, the rule now applies only to those who haven’t submitted one previously. If you renewed your SAM registration since the introduction of this requirement in 2018 and already submitted a notarized letter, there’s no need for concern.

Key Information for Notarized Letters Although the information required for the notarized letter is not overly complex, it is crucial. Ensure that your notarized letter includes the following essential details:

  1. Business UEI number
  2. Business legal name
  3. Business physical address
  4. Entity Administrator’s full name
  5. Entity Administrator’s phone number
  6. Entity Administrator’s email address
  7. Confirmation of self-administration or designation of a third-party agent
  8. Signatory’s name
  9. Signatory’s title
  10. Signatory’s email address

Additionally, specific requirements regarding the notary’s seal vary depending on your state.


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