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Do subcontractors need a UEI?

As of April 4, 2022, all subcontractors hired to do work (via a prime contractor working with the government) are REQUIRED to have a UEI assigned to their entity. If not, this could cause problems when receiving funds and or subcontracting opportunities.

If you are unsure if you have a SAM Registration, follow the s steps below:

    • At the top of this page, select “SAM & UEI Status Lookup Tool”
    • Input your company’s UEI or FULL legal business name
    • Answer the security question select “Check SAM Status NOW” in blue
    • Allow the page to generate a brief summary of your registration that includes
      • UEI
      • Expiration Date
      • Primary NAICS Codes
      • PSC and FSC Codes
      • Primary POC’s
      • and more
    • If you are having trouble using the tool, call the USBRI Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998 and a dedicated CRS (Certified Registration Specialist) will be able to assist you in any way that they can.

Another way you can access the tool is by clicking the button below

Need to Register or Renew in SAM?

If you need to register or renew in SAM, begin the process NOW. Processing times are taking longer due to new procedures with both SAM and CAGE, so you do not want to miss out on government contracting opportunities due to a missing or expired SAM Registration. Reach out to the help desk or being the process with a CRS by clicking the button below