No, an EIN and DUNS are two separate identification. EIN is the Employer Identification Number assigned by the IRS and the DUNS number is is the former identification (replaced by UEI in 2022) used by SAM. If you are unsure of what your UEI number may be, use the tool by following the steps below:

    • At the top of this page, select “Check SAM Status & Details” in red
    • Input your company’s legal business name (CAGE Code or UEI if known)
    • Allow the page to reload and generate a brief summary of your SAM Registration including
      • CAGE Code
      • UEI
      • Expiration Date
      • NAICS Codes
      • and more

You can also access the tool by clicking the button below

Need to renew?

If your registration is set to expire in the next 60 days, USBRI recommends starting the renewal process now. To begin the renewal, contact our help desk at 1-888-646-9998. You can also browse the renewal page by clicking the button below.