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Can a business lose its HUBZone Certification? If so, what might cause this to happen?

There are a few factors that could go into why a business to lose its HUBZone Certification:

    • Expired SAM Registration (click below to see if your SAM is still active)
    • No longer qualifies
      • Principal office no longer in a HUBZone
      • 35% of FTE (Full-Time Employees) do NOT reside in a HUBZone anymore
      • No longer meets SBA size standards (use the tool below to find out if you do)
    • Did not recertify in time
      • Entities MUST recertify either 30 days BEFORE or 30 days AFTER the expiration date of the certification

USBRI has been offering filing assistance for SAM and Set-Aside Certifications for over 12 years. If you have an issues or need assistance, reach out to the USBRI Help Desk at 1-888-646-9998 and a CRS will be able to help you.

As mentioned above, two of the requirements to being HUBZone certified are being active in SAM as well as qualifying as a small business, meeting the SBA’s size standards. If you are unsure if you qualify as a small business or have a SAM Registration, use the tools by clicking the buttons below.

Need to Register or Renew in SAM?

If your registration is missing or expiring soon, begin the process with a CRS today. Complications can arise at anytime through the registration process. Having a specialist go through this with you will ensure that there are little to no complications for you. If you are ready, reach out to the help desk for more information or click the button below